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Whether shipping by road, air, sea or rail, customer service needs to hum. ATG Direct brings together the experience, capabilities, and resources of leading global logistics providers and a focus on delivering bottom line savings.


Cost-effective, on-time delivery of your shipments is critical to supply chain optimization.  ATG Direct performs detailed analysis of shipping data, and determines the best mode and method of transportation to achieve success, from cost savings to improved delivery. 

ATG Direct operates on an open book model approach by providing you with reports and key performance indicators that include:

  • On-Time Final Delivery  shows the carriers ability to deliver successfully on time to their scheduled required arrival date or to the appointment time. 

  • Inventory Accuracy  measures the accuracy of warehouse workers when preparing product.
  • On-Time Shipping  shows the percentage of shipments that left the warehouse on-time. 
  • Order Accuracy  shows the accuracy of orders filled.

Trade Management and Customs Compliance

The world is a big place, and to be a successful importer requires a plan and a committed partner. ATG Direct can help you grow your import business and navigate a challenging environment.

Excellence in the import of goods begins long before the goods arrive – often with the consolidation of multiple vendors, the optimization of overseas warehouses and the management of container loads, among other challenges. It continues onshore, with warehousing and distribution challenges. You need a partner who has mastered the management of all these issues, and who has the global contacts to give you the benefit of the best organizations.

Licenses, regulations and other paperwork are necessary for cargo handling and tracking.  Transport documents, regulations, country-specific compliance, local requirements and customs clearance are just some of the steps to be considered before your cargo will arrive at its final destination. ATG Direct can support your needs in delivering your cargo in full compliance with all requirements, and can help your company develop proper traceability systems.

Navigating the tricky waters of customs compliance is a core competency of ATG Direct.