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How It Benefits You

A streamlined procurement process results in higher quality, lower cost, more efficient delivery, improved market share and lower business risk.

Bottom Line Savings

ATG Direct can help you: 

  • Competitively source your raw material requirements
  • Reduce too much inventory exposure 
  • Reduce too much overhead as a result of too many storage locations 
  • Improve visibility for inbound material
  • Reduce redundant manual processes
  • Improve stocking points 
  • ​Complete supply chain, transportation, documentation, and quality measurements

Less Inventory, Agile Supply Chain​

ATG Direct will assist you in the areas of:

  • Inventory analysis
  • Total landed cost modeling
  • Supplier strategy/supply base analysis
  • Competitive benchmarking 
  • Process improvement
  • Performance measurement
  • ​Complete warehouse managment

Lean Network, Freed Up Cash

With continual rising operational costs, and markets becoming highly unpredictable, ATG Direct can help by positioning LONG your raw material requirements, as well as help you develop optimal supply chain strategies that provide you with a better way to shed underutilized assets.