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​​​Quality Control Services 
Taking proactive actions to prevent quality issues can lead to amazing cost savings and efficiency improvements. Simply put, ATG Direct can help you streamline the quality flow of your materials improving your business as a whole. 

​​Logistics & Regulatory Compliance
Well-managed logistics can be a competitive advantage. ATG Direct provides improved performance you can measure.

Bottom Line Savings

To help you achieve your strategic sourcing goals and deliver real value.

How It Benefits You

With procurement optimization comes the ability to make smart business decisions. We help you see what you never knew possible, from improving cash flow and cost reduction to improved quality and improved delivery. 

​​​Distribution Management 
Inventory and Distribution should be driven by process, and efficient use of cash flow and capital.  ATG Direct helps you manage distribution by eliminating waste out of the supply chain leading to amazing cost savings and efficiency improvements. Simply put, we help you efficiently and effectively streamline the flow of materials to your company.

Freed Up Cash

Less Inventory

​​How We Do It ​

At ATG Direct, we not only source product from the most qualified and competitive sources at any given time, we also examine the business process, technology, quality, and your company's culture to develop optimal sourcing strategies so you can implement business improvements that get near-term and long-term results. 

​​​​​​What We Do​

ATG Direct combines a process-driven approach with superior buying strength to deliver measurable cost savings.  Our goal is to make you more efficient, leaner, more agile, and more competitive. So you can free up cash flow, save money, and deliver smarter.

Strategic Sourcing
Whether you need to cut cost, or streamline processes, ATG Direct can provide you with a competitive sourcing advantage – and keep you lean.